Madness is somewhere between chaos and a dream.
— R.M.Drake

A N Y T H I N G   G O E S.

When you can hear your heart beating, you can hear everyone's heart. You can hear the mumbling of conversations, forks click, liquid pouring and the ambiance in-between every bite.  

When you can imagine all of this in the dark, you've found your true passion, your dream.



B E H I N D   T H E   F L O W E R   A N D   T H E   A N I M A L ... 

A rose; an immaculate creation from mother nature, an appreciation of beauty and all things simple. But not all roses are impressive, some are composed and some are wild. A rose can survive in the crack of concrete and defy nature. Learning to appreciate without blessings, to utilize all we were given in this world. We are  capable. This delicate flower represents our blooming strive to make our dreams happen.  

The mystical spirited symbol of antlers. A portrayal of strength, intuition and sensitivity.  An infinity of affinity to master the art: culinary arts. Bounteous attempts  to defy vulnerability and never forsaken the power of determination.  Gentle characteristic to show love and harmony through hardships. Revise and reverse those bad habits, appreciate the good and reach out further. Be strong, be brave, just keep on going.  

B E H I N D   T H E   B R I L L A N T   f a r e ...

There is a thrive for the uncertainty, an uncanny trial and error discipline for molecular food miracles.  An emblem of modern fare combined with traditional recipes for a stew of colours and flavours. A physical ingenious and chemical reaction to gastronomy cooking. Here's to the chance to explore palettes, culinary possibilities fusing food, defying science and revolutionize art as a whole.  


B I T E   O N.