B I T E   O N   E V E R Y O N E.

Rooted in scientific techniques, hypermodern cuisine is a true embodiment of modern, experimental and a luxurious palate that is both whimsical and elegant. Much like the people eating it. Molecular cooking captures the essence of fresh and unique ingredients with an unorthodox attitude and a banging umami equal billing. Your favourite flavours collide in your mouth as a new sense, offering an impeccably crafted depth that is playful and considered. Hypermodern cuisine is an exclusive presentation rich in the details that matter, from idea to edible art, presented to you. With a versatility of scientific and cooking methods, this new, reimagined technique is the active lifestyle for any food connoisseur. Best served hot, cold, or--now, because we've got you hungry for more. Take in a minimal, modern approach to food, hypermodern foods inject some much-needed sophistication into your food adventure, elevating your palette, one bite at a time.  



T H E   T E N   C O M M A N D M E N T S   F O R   M O L E C U L A R   C O O K I N G


i   Tickle your senses.

ii   Seek the world's wonder.

iii   Invent a new world.

iv  Break away to another landscape.

v   Utilize technology.

vi   Travel through fantasies.

vii   Be creative.

viii   Play on temperature.

ix   Never limit the plating.

x   Entertain the diners.