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Preserve is a multi-course experimental supper, always prepared with a story. We indulge in great food, art and embrace our differences at the dinner table. Find yourself fine dining with other like-minded foodies, solo adventurists, people who want a good time or maybe someone that can inspire your life. We want to present you a fascinating time where we wine down (literally and figuratively) and enjoy life's greatest gift, the ability to connect.

A better breakdown of our suppers consists of 7 courses, an edible story leading you from a light to sweet finish. Peculiarly, we like to do different- everything from moments to the visual aspects of a dish is meant to bewilder your senses. The presentation is key. We welcome discomfort, love, vulnerability, new and old, intellectual chaos and dialogue.

Let us get you out your comfort zone, refresh your bite and amuse your mind.

Chef's Menu


7 Multi-Course

"sweeter together"

shitake mushroom, seaweed, charcoal milk bun, molasses, egg tofu, smoked duck

"breathe of fresh air"

sea bream crudo, chive oil, radish, yuzu caviar, lotus chip

"the greyson"

steamed scallop roll, scallions, toasted nori, salted duck egg, colossal prawn

"juice and sorrows" 

wagyu beef tataki, blood orange ponzu, miso ginger, blood orange infused daikon, scallion

"drink your soup honey"

apple, cabbage, gai lan, prosciutto dust, white fungus, dried scallop 

"You said no, I said yes"

egg noodle, crispy pork jowl, purple cauliflower pickle, glass noodle with har Mei oil, smoked paprika

"A Bloody Mess"

cashew cookie, chocolate, whiskey, sakura cake, rosewater, grand mariner/ cointreau, strawberries

Add-on option $45 Libration Flights


Yearn for you

mango, tarragon, white balsamic, brut sparkling

Sin and repeat

Burnt blood orange, sage, cloves, all spice, shit 

Liquid Bouquet

Rosewater, blue curacao , raspberry molasses, almond milk, gin

Saturn's Return

beet juice, soju, elderflower apple cider, lemon


Secret Location is downtown Toronto, exact address only available for attending guests.